Al-Quds University has the honor of being the largest Arab institution in the occupied city of Jerusalem. More than 13,000 students attend its colleges and centers that are neighboring Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Church of the resurrection in the old town of Jerusalem.

Over 6,000 students are benefiting from the financial assistance of the University at a rate of JD 4 million JD and 200,000 JD per year. The University provides directly from its budget of 2 million JD per year, within its social responsibility towards students in need, in order to strengthen their steadfastness among students of science and industry.

  • In the year 2017, Al-Quds University was ranked with the first place as the most responsible university in the Arab world for providing free legal and social services to the people of the students in Palestine, to enable them to face the policies of displacement by occupation. Through its various centers in the Old City and its financial assistance to more than half of its students.
  • Al-Quds University is a charitable organization suspended for the Al-Aqsa Mosque and managed by an independent Board of Trustees. Al-Quds University is recognized locally and internationally, as well as its recognized by the Association of Islamic Universities.
  • Al-Quds University is the pioneer of intellectual and cultural life in the Holy City and leads an effective confrontation against the challenges of occupation.
  • Al-Quds University is the only Arab university located in Jerusalem; the capital of Palestine.
  • Al-Quds University offers a variety of academic programs that reflect the needs of the Palestinian society from postgraduate studies, baccalaureate, and higher diploma.
  • Al Quds University has established the first Faculty of Law, Medicine, Dentistry and Materials Engineering in Palestine. Materials Engineering is the first and only of its kind in Palestine.
  • Al-Quds University stands besides students who are in need of scholarships and grants them exemptions from their own budget, despite the financial difficulties they face.
  • Al Quds University holds 40% of the student's academic cost. The university fees required of the student to pay and cover 60% of the academic cost.

Because of the commitment of the University of Jerusalem to provide university education service to all segments of Palestinian society, regardless to the difficult economic and living conditions experienced by the student. The largest proportion of students at Al-Quds University are destitute students who are unable to pay their university fees at different rates.

Beneficiaries of financial aid at Al-Quds University:

  • Students from Jerusalem, to strengthen their steadfastness in our eternal capital.
  • Students who have a martyr parent, the most honorable of us all.
  • Prisoners and wounded in an expression of our appreciation for their sacrifices.
  • Students with special needs to empower them in their community.
  • Students whose families suffer from difficult economic conditions, are not deprived of studying due to their financial situation
  • The academic students with an outstanding performance in their studies, as they are the future of their families, their people and their nation.

In order for the University to maintain its status and its long-standing academic legacy, it must work constantly to secure the necessary financial resources. It is therefore important that the University be able to strengthen its financial resources to meet the needs of students and to maintain them in the heart of our eternal capital.