1. Al-Quds Waqf fund & Endowment

Al-Quds endowment is an integral part of the assistance provided to Al-Quds University, it is of great value, and would provide opportunities for students in need. This idea is based on the principle of investment, as an amount of money given is frozen, while the returns of this money are used to cover goals such as (scholarships, building development, orphan’s sponsorship, ...) which will have a positive impact in supporting Al-Quds University. The university is working continuously to raise the amount of endowment in order to raise the amount of the returns from it, to provide more needed scholarships. Endowment levels:

General Endowment: Any amount is suspended in order to support the General Endowment at Al-Quds University.

Private Endowment: A private endowment can be called by donating $400,000.

The endowment goal is allocated before implementation begins.

2. Scholarships

The scholarship program at Al-Quds University provides students with the opportunity to devote themselves to obtaining a university degree, and to live the university experience without having to work with part-time jobs to cover the costs of their studies. Therefore, the university relieves its students and their families of the financial burden of joining the university. The scholarship program helps to attract outstanding students and give them an opportunity to complete higher education, which prepares them for excellent jobs that guarantee them and their families financial stability, which increases their ability to advance in the future.

More than 6000 male and female students in need of scholarships at the university benefit from the fund at the rate of $5 million and 900 thousand US dollars annually, the university provides directly from its budget $3 million annually, as part of its social responsibility towards students in need of scholarships, in order to enhance their resilience.

Students that are Benefited from the Financial Aid at Al-Quds University: Students living in the Occupied City of Jerusalem; to Enhance their Resilience in our occupation Capital. Students who lost one of their parents by the occupation “Martyrs”, also, The prisoners or wounded as an expression of our appreciation for their sacrifices. Students with special needs to empower them in their community, and Students whose families suffer from difficult economic conditions - no student is deprived of studying due to his financial situation. And students with academic honors in the university.

3. Facilities and buildings

As the largest established educational institution in the heart of Jerusalem, Al-Quds University is keen on providing advanced facilities and buildings, to ensure the comfort of its students, academic staff, and employees. Al-Quds University is racing against time in the development of buildings and facilities to help the Jerusalemite citizen in his city, as the lands of Al-Quds University are within the boundaries of the Jerusalem municipality, and areas C lands, while this constitutes a heavy burden and responsibility for the university’s administration.

Al-Quds University has the honor of being the largest Arab institution in the occupied city of Jerusalem. More than 13,000 students attend its colleges and centers that are neighboring Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Church of the resurrection in the old town of Jerusalem.

 Al-Quds University, Main Campus, Abu Dis, P.O Box 89