1. Accept the conditions

By using the electronic donation service available through this website, you accept the terms of use below and the privacy policy adopted by Al-Quds University Friends & Fundraising unit on this service.

2. Compensation

You must accept to compensate Al Quds University friends & Fundraising unit, as well as its business partners, its employees, and affiliates. To keep them free of any liability, loss, claim or expense; including reasonable legal fees and charges if anyone opposes its terms and agreement of this service of contract.

3. Rules and regulations

The terms of use in this agreement is governed and analyzed in accordance with the laws of the State of Palestine.

4. Non-applicability of payment of cardholders “MasterCard" or "Visa” agreement

Al-Quds University Friends & Fundraising unit is not a financial institution and does not distribute credit cards, debit cards, checks or payment cards of any kind. Your master card or visa payment card is the responsibility of the issuing bank or with the financial company. Al-Quds University Friends & Fundraising unit is not affiliated with any personal financial services; any inquiry or subject relating to the MasterCard or Visa account must be addressed to the bank or company that distributed the card and not to Al-Quds University’s friends& Fundraising unit Although there is a relationship between Al-Quds University and your bank or financial company, this relationship is not related to individual card holders or personal information.

5. Age and responsibility

You must acknowledge that you have full legal rights to use the electronic donation services and access to legal bound obligations to assume any liability that may arise due to your use of the electronic payment gateway. You are also aware that you are financially responsible for all electronic payment uses by you or by any person who is authorized to use your financial or identification data and password.

6. Personal data

Al Quds University Friends & Fundraising unit will deal with data provided by the privacy policy which is adopted for this service, that ensures the protection of the information to some extent. However, Opening the website with the presence of internet access, it is impossible to predict if hackers will ever hack your personal information. For any claim or loss or exposure of your data being at risk such as your bank card number, the expiration date or verification code are entered into MasterCard's electronic payment, its protection follows the applicable MasterCard International Privacy Policy.

Al-Quds University has nothing to do with the bank that issued your card or payment. Al-Quds University Friends & Fundraising unit will not receive or provide any response to any inquiry, complaint or request for any information you send us regarding your banking transactions or the status of your card in connection with your online purchase and the use of our services.

Al Quds University Friends & Fundraising unit will respond to enquires sent via the Internet by banks who are affiliated with us regarding the agreements of use for the services of Al Quds University friends & Fundraising unit.

7. Property rights

All content on the website of the Payment Portal: the text, logo, graphics, images and software, is for Al Quds University friends& Fundraising unit. Your content provider is protected by the rules and regulations for property rights of Al Quds University friends & Fundraising unit. This information is protected by the proprietary rights of its respective owners. It is prohibited for any user to copy or edit any of this information without the express consent of Al Quds University Friends & Fundraising unit.

8. No legal liability

A) Al- Quds University friends & Fundraising unit shall not be held responsible for any loss or claim arising out of non-delivery of goods or services purchased by the user from online merchants for the purpose to which they are intended. You may not be in contact with Al Quds University Friends & Fundraising unit or be responsible for attending any meeting to resolve any dispute between the buyer and the merchant due to the services provided by him.

B) Al-Quds University Friends & Fundraising unit may not be held responsible for any claim for loss or compensation due to refunds or transactions where fraud is used when using your cards or bank accounts after you have entered into electronic payment or to benefit from its services. The e-payment of Al Quds University friends & Fundraising unit handles all user information and data in accordance with its privacy policy and regarding applicable industry standards.

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