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“, and those who establish the prayer and pay the obligatory charity, and those who believe in Allah and the Last Day to those, we surely give a great wage.” [4.162] 

May God accept your fasting and your prayers. The month of Ramadan has ended already its first third and entered into its second third just a few days ago.  Now worshipers usually start thinking about to whom to distribute their Zakat to the needy brothers and sisters to make them feel the blessing of Ramadan and to spread joy to their families during Eid Al-Fitr. And since education is one of Zakat eligibility, the Student Financial Aid Department at Al-Quds University calls for you to end the suffering of our needy students who have increased in number and many of them have not been able to pay their tuition for this semester due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as their families were unable to go out to work. In addition to the orphans who had no one to help but you. However, the Covid-19 epidemic makes it even worse as it prevented us at Al-Quds University to reach you through carrying our various activities to collect funds for the needy student, such as charitable “Iftar” during Ramadan and charity dinners in other months. In addition to the poor economic situation that many of our supporters are facing such as companies and commercial institutions, which has adversely affected the fund they used to transfer to our needy students.

Therefore, and because educating a needy student practically is helping his or her entire family, as education will contribute in finding a job opportunity, we gently ask you to keep our students in your hearts and minds when you distribute your Zakat. 

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Al-Quds University has the honor of being the largest Arab institution in the occupied city of Jerusalem. More than 13,000 students attend its colleges and centers that are neighboring Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Church of the resurrection in the old town of Jerusalem.

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